A message from Carlos Monroy and Zasha Endres, UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles)

The following is a message from Carlos Monroy and Zasha Endres, Chair and Co-Chair of UTLA:

I wanted to share this tidbit of information so the community at large understands our relationship to our authorizer, LAUSD.

IF in the event LAUSD-UTLA members authorize a strike in the fall, ECR-UTLA members do not go on strike with them.

The reason is very simple: ECR-UTLA members negotiate a separate contract with El Camino Real Alliance (ECRA). Our contract is independent of LAUSD.

As a matter of fact, negotiations between our side (ECR-UTLA) and their side (ECRA) have been productive and efficient. We are very close to settling a successor contract for 2018-2021.

However, because we are still UTLA members, we would express and demonstrate our support of LAUSD-UTLA members through before school picketing in SUPPORT of our union sisters and brothers.

Again, in the event LAUSD goes on strike, ECR educators would show support through before-school picketing.


Carlos Monroy Jr., Chair

Zasha Endres, Co-Chair

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